Welcome to the Norwegian National climate conference From targets to action – practical climate actions that actually work

Municipalities and regions play an important role to reach their own and nation climate targets. To achieve this they must find and implement the correct and efficient climate actions. But how can you organize your work most efficiently, and where do you start?
The conference is free, online and open for all, but please register at https://response.questback.com/isa/qbv.dll/ShowQuest?questid=5483642&sid=ouEhEAwV1g
Programme highligts
English part (0900-1130)
• Welcome, Viken county council by regional minister for planning, climate and environment, Anne Beathe Tvinnereim
• COVID-19: a springboard in the transition to a low emission society

Climate reduction – From plans to action
• Different ways to link regional and local climate plans, Pentahelix
• Climate reduction measures in Europe, SmartEdge
• Benefits from harmonized reporting on climate gas reduction, Viken fylkeskommune

Norwegian part (1200-1500)
Verktøy og virkemidler for å kutte utslipp
• Aktuelle verktøy for planarbeidet, Kommunesektorens organisasjon
• Klimakur og kommunenes rolle
• Hvordan finansiere egne klimatiltak, Kongsberg kommune

Hvordan implementere klimaledelse i kommunen?
• Klimaledelse – klimaarbeid satt i system, Endrava
• Klimabudsjett i en stor og liten kommune.

Program – Nasjonal klimakonferanse