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Tomislav Novosel
17.04.2020 12:28

The European Commission calls on EU citizens to express their views on the planned increase of EU emissions reduction targets by 2030 and to propose new measures and policies needed to reduce CO2 emissions by June 23, 2020. The European Commission's plan is to gather information, views, opinions and suggestions from a wide range of stakeholders. Therefore, citizens, civil societies, businesses, NGOs, academia, national, regional and local authorities are invited to participate in the consultation and provide inputs. All EU language versions will became available soon in the weeks after the launch of the consultation. The online consultation is open from March 31 to June 23, 2020 at midnight (Brussels time) and you can access it here:

Bert Serneels
14.02.2020 07:40
SECAP Development

I was having a discussion at a Pentahelix task force yesterday, concerning the time at which political involvement in the SECAP process is necessary. The municipalities' civil servants were afraid that asking politicians to define targets and measures too early in the process would refrain other task force members from putting forward ideas. I on the other hand warned that we should not end up in a situation where we have a detailed plan and politicians in the end decide that it is not feasible. There are of course politicians present in the task force, but they don't really commit to anything at this stage. When in the process should we ask politicians to set concrete targets for the different sectors and define which measures will be prioritised?