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Nathalie Garré
05.05.2021 14:05
Climate goals

The Covenant of Mayors set new ambitions - for a fairer, climate-neutral Europe - in alignment with the European 2030 and 2050 goals. During the online ceremony on 21st April, the word got out. Read all about it in the news&events section of the website of or via,-climate-neutral-europe.html.

Bert Serneels
14.01.2021 08:24
Climate adaptation
Climate goals
SECAP Development

In Belgium, many municipalities have ambitious targets on planting new trees. It is often the first and most obvious climate measure local governments decide on. However, in task force meetings, NGO's often stress the need to preserve existing trees and other green infrastructure, since this has a greater impact on overall CO2-emissions and climate adaptation. I was wondering if there are good practices in other countries of, a) keeping an inventory of net afforestation in regions or municipalities (since now, new trees are counted, but not the net result including trees that were cut). Are there any tools available for that (in English preferably)? b) if there are good practices in preserving existing and ancient trees, e.g. making them green heritage.