PentaHelix Pilot SECAPs in the Context of “The European Green Deal”

The Pentahelix partners have now the most active time working on the pilot SECAPS, organizing Task Forces meetings to get the stakeholders feedback and support, and to come up with more rooted SECAPs which would have active support from all stakeholders – so called – PentaHelix 5 pillars: public authorities (local, regional, national and international), industry (and businesses such as SMEs, farmers, trade etc), academia (research and educational institutes), NGOs (associations, interest organisations, etc) and citizens (house owners, car owners, commuters etc).
Initial plan of the project was to elaborate 8 pilot SECAPs and it was a great excitement that much more municipalities were ready to join and become Pentahelix pilots – finally bringing up the total of SECAPS to 24, especially thanks to a large number of pilots in Norway (9) and Spain (9).
Partners are very much inspired by “The European Green Deal”, which was presented by European Commission in December 2019 – a roadmap for making the EU’s economy sustainable by turning climate and environmental challenges into opportunities across all policy areas and making the transition just and inclusive for all.
This means more ambitious targets, more ambitious actions in the local SECAPs, this gives once again grounds for further discussions among stakeholders, what else can be done for climate and energy locally, in terms of economy with the aim of climate neutrality, further decarbonising of the energy system, the essential role of renewable energy sources, addressing the risk of energy poverty, reduction of energy consumption in construction and renovation, engaging in a ‘renovation wave”, reduction in transport emissions, multimodal transport and much more.
More about “The European Green Deal” here:
The work on SECAPs is starting to show the results with 5 SECAPs completed and Regional Energy Agency of Castilla and Leon, Spain, working on 6 SECAPs soon to be completed. The other SECAPs also having approaching deadlines in the nearest time, the time is intense, so share the ideas and suggestions now!

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