WVI Launches Ambitious Project ‘ROOF-ACTION’

WVI has received government funding to highlight the sustainable use and potential of a roof. Thanks to an idea originated during one of the PentaHelix climate panels, WVI will execute the ambitious project with the support of 24 West-Flemish municipalities.

In the first quarter of 2020 the Flemish minister for Internal Affairs, Bart Somers, launched a call for projects focused on local climate actions. The project idea had to come from citizens themselves, preferably through a participation process.

As part of the European project ‘PentaHelix’ WVI had gathered numerous interesting ideas during the climate panels in the pilot region Klimaatoverleg Midwest. The attendees were highly motivated to find solutions to the alarming climate related challenges we all face. They were keen to be involved in the implementation of these solutions and contemplated ways to make that possible. One of the discussed topics was the roof. According to data gathered in 2016 almost 1 in 5 roofs in Flanders isn’t properly isolated. The participants of the climate panels emphasized the versatility of a roof and the opportunities for sustainable solutions.

This idea was later translated into the project ‘Roof-action: Do you know what your roof can do?’ that was submitted for the local climate actions call. By the end of 2020 ‘Roof-action’ and 8 other projects were selected from 33 applications and received the necessary funding.

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