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Eveline Huyghe
20.05.2020 12:45
Climate budget

Do you know the European City Facility EUCF? Get to know it through You also find dates for webinars. Interesting for cities and municipalities wanting to invest in energy transition.

Bert Serneels
18.05.2020 12:14
Climate budget
SECAP Development

How do you make an estimate of the budget your city or municipality will be spending on climate and on the actions in the SECAP? For some measures, it is quite clear, such as planting trees: you could count the entire budget as a 'climate budget'. But for other measures, such as investing in bicycle roads, you can only partly say that this is a climate measure. The same goes for staff costs: only part of what a civil servant does, can actually be attributed to climate action. CoM asks us to make an estimate of investments, operational and staff costs linked to the SECAP, how do others go about calculating this? And do you mention it in the SECAP or keep it separate? Any tips?