PentaHelix Project Kicks off Energy Planning in Spain

Within the framework of the Pentahelix H2020 project, Circe Fundation in collaboration with the Energy Agency of Avila Province (Pentahelix partner), will support 7 municipalities of this province in the development of their Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs).

After a first meeting held in Avila where the Energy Agency of Ávila and the Regional Energy Agency of Castilla and León (EREN) – also partner in the project, has explained to the municipalities the methodology that will be followed for the elaboration of the SECAPs, CIRCE is carrying out the collection of all relevant energy information needed for the elaboration of the Baseline Emission Inventory.

Once the inventory will be completed, the main challenge will be to identify for each municipality the actions with the highest potential to reduce energy consumption and emissions, to improve energy renewable production and to consequently allow the achievement of the Covenant of Mayor’s objectives by 2030.

The muncipalities are: