‘Klimaatoverleg Midwest’ Engages Stakeholders to Develop an Inspiration Guide for Climate Action Plans

One of PentaHelix’s Belgian pilots, Klimaatoverleg Midwest, is a Belgian cooperation of 8 municipalities with climate ambition. Working together is their philosophy, not only among themselves, but also with every possible resident, company, and organization in the region. That is why Ingelmunster, Lichtervelde, Meulebeke, Moorslede, Oostrozebeke, Ruiselede, Tielt and Wingene have given everyone the opportunity to have a say on what should be included in the Climate Action Plan 2030. As a concrete result of this co-creation process and to give everyone the enthusiasm to keep working together, the municipalities have launched an inspiration guide.

Over the spring, WVI, the author of the Climate Action Plan, mapped out and rolled out the participation process for all stakeholders. For example, inhabitants of the municipalities were invited to 8 local climate panels in order to jointly shape actions related to mobility, housing, and living environment. Professional stakeholders were involved in a regional debate during 3 thematic design sessions and an online survey was also available.

The direct results of this engagement have been summarised in reports which will shape the 2030 SECAP, however the indirect results have not gone to waste! The Inspiration Guide has taken the lessons learned in the development process and has turned them into 10 spearheads for success in setting and achieving climate objectives. Some teasers:

• “Dare to be ahead”. Climate ambition starts with the courage to dare to do it differently: gaining insight through research & thorough field knowledge, so that the exploration of the future and future scenarios can be drawn starting from the overall picture.
• “Be the connecting factor as a local government.” The local level is the most trusted level. These governments know the local needs and at the same time have a strong local network. They are the ideal connecting factor for climate actions.
• “Anticipate on climate change through spatial thinking.” If we want to make the region more climate-friendly, space and the use of it must connect all climate themes!

The next step in the process is the finalisation of the Climate Action Plan 2030. Once approved by all 8 city councils, the plan will be submitted to Europe at the end of February 2020 (within the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy). Then, the focus can be placed on implementing the climate actions.
The 8 municipalities and WVI work together to prepare the SECAP 2030. With WVI as a partner in the European PentaHelix project (Horizon 2020), the financial resources were made available to develop the plan and to implement it efficiently and effectively through a co-creation process.
You can read the full version of the inspiration guide via http://www.daadvooronsklimaat.be or the websites of the involved municipalities.