Have good ideas on climate and energy improvement? – maybe consider joining PentaHelix Task Forces!

One of the works PentHelix partners invest efforts these months besides analysing the baseline, is the organization of the first meetings of the PentaHelix Task Forces, which would consist of the representatives of the 5 pillars -public authorities, industry, academia, NGOs, citizens – to take into account the viewpoints of all the stakeholders when it comes to municipality ’ development in energy and climate area. In Latvia, Jelgava and Jekabpils Task Forces meeting it was admitted that it is a very good timing to consider new steps forward as both cities have SEAPs and commitments until 2020, and the new targets and new activities have to be planned – what do we want to achieve by 2030? The few ideas of the brainstorming tackled inclusion of solar technologies, if some kindergarten with swimming pool or other building with larger hot water consumption is planned, crowd funding for solar collectors, doublechecking of the technical specifications for public lighting in the situation of incoming LED technologies, etc.
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