Hot summer like this is like a proof to the ongoing climate change. PentaHelix partners have  started their part of input in the fight against it. The identification of task forces and stakeholders are the first things to tackle,  the consortium has also come to an agreement on a joint approach of  analysing the baseline, within which each partner country will choose five SEAPS and analyse them to understand  the state of the art of the existing SEAPS – such as the general level of detail, the most common measures proposed, identified potentials and actually implemented measures. This step is a key for all future actions due to a large difference in content quality , development process and the level of implementation of the SE©APs. Stay tuned – soon we will publish the outcomes of the analysis.

Also our Climate Forum – where everyone will have a chance to share our ideas on how to fight the climate change, is almost ready to publish – check and join us in September!