Winners of the «Local climate measure of the year»-award announced during Zerokonferansen 2020

The Norwegian municipality of Drammen followed by the Bergen and the Viken county municipality/Klima Østfold were the winners of the the «Local climate measure of the year»-award announced during Zerokonferansen 2020.

The Drammen municipality has been recognised for a project focused on the storage of solar energy during the winter season, while the 2nd and 3rd prize have been recognized for being examples of the importance of implementation of climate measures, and the significance of having good SECAPs (Sustainable energy & climate action plans) that can open new paths towards the implementation of sustainable climate measures.

During the award presentation held on the occasion of the Zero Climate Conference that took place on the 10th of November the chairman of the KS Municipal Sector’s organization, Bjørn Arild Gram highlighted the long-lasting commitment of the winner in implementing innovative project solutions that brought to the creation of local energy system.

The second and third best have been awarded respectively for a project on «Europe’s largest onshore power plant for ships» – that according to the jury member Jannicke Trumpy Granquist, CEO of KBN Kommunalbanken is an excellent example to be followed as the facility has already had a great effect far beyond the country’s borders – and for a broad-based, multi-year program for cutting emissions in agriculture.

The competition organized by KS, the environmental foundation Zero and KBN received 12 application in total: beyond the three winners the Halden municipality and the Vestland county municipality were nominated for a project where the municipality’s electric cars and electric bicycles are used in a sharing scheme and nominated for requirements for emission-free taxis and facilitation of this.