Østfold joins forces with local youth councils in the fight against climate change

Over 100 young people in Sande, Norway attended a climate conference to discuss climate policy in their municipality. The event was organised as part of the PentaHelix method and was an opportunity for youths from 4 Sunnmøre youth councils to influence SECAPS and local government. The event was in cooperation with the PentaHelix project and is a part of the work Sunnmøre municipalities’ climate and energy networks are doing to raise awareness about climate change.

Guri Bugge is climate and energy advisor in Klima Østfold and was invited to conduct the conference:

“We are here to listen to the youth. Find out what’s important to the young people in Sunnmøre. We’ve seen them protest, and now we want them to provide input on what we should do to address the situation […] My clear impression is that our youth is very much involved in this matter and both wants and needs to be heard. We can tell by their presence here today, but also in regard to their support for the climate strikes and actions for the climate issue.”

Mathias Myskja (15) and Agathe Beredu Skare (13), who are both from Sande and took part in the event, want Norway to invest in wave power. Another participant, Torgeir Myklebust (17) from Herøy, shared how he would like to see hybrid boats as more common in Sunnmøre: “Here in Sunnmøre we are dependent upon boats. The fishing industry and other marine industries must develop new technologies that causes less pollution.”

Later in the afternoon other PentaHelix stakeholder groups, from the public sector, businesses, NGOs, and academia were invited to join the event. The main focus was the Paris Agreement and the goal of temperature reduction. Speakers from the local government, environmental organizations, and businesses focused on local objectives, how the government can facilitate changes, and how other stakeholders could contribute.

Klima Østfold has created a video from the day to share the views of the young people involved: https://youtu.be/hkhtA_UhX_c