Latvia Webinar – On the Way to Climate Neutrality

Many thanks to all the presenters and visitors who participated in the webinar organized by Zemgale Regional Energy Agency (ZREA) and Riga Energy Agency (REA) ”On the Way to Climate Neutrality” on 26th February! It has been an amazing exchange of information in terms of energy planning, the most significant energy projects and future ambitions.
Some quotes&notes –
Norway planning system means that everything that can be decided at local level, should be decided on a local level. If it cannot be decided at local level, then it goes up to regional level – such as transport and secondary school planning. Good local climate planning is very important if Norway ever hopes to battle climate change. All the plans are based on Paris agreement and on what is important at the local area – depending on what type of businesses they have – much agriculture or maybe fisheries, so the plans are different. For instance, Viken county has 80% CO2 reduction goal, which means everything, but agriculture has to reach zero emissions, as handling emissions in agriculture sector is the most difficult, and you still plan and need to grow food for the local needs. The energy dashboard where all the energy data are stored and are available, is a very helpful tool.
In Croatia the energy topic is becoming more and more broad and complicated, one of the tools to tackle this complex subject is SECAP or energy action plan. Other tools are spatial plans, which are binding, but not always take into account the energy and climate issues. There is a pilot project ongoing in the city of Karlovac to develop Green Spatial Plan – first in the country – to integrate climate and energy issues directly in the spatial plan. Such plan would include energy efficiency of buildings, energy production, where and which type of green infrastructure should be used. A very interesting example of use of power purchase agreement to instal solar PV panels on the hospital in the city of Zabok was presented – see more in detail in the video below.
In Tartu, Estonia between 2015 – 2020 ninety one multiresidential building has been renovated, installing better wall insulation, ventilation with heat recovery, etc. For instance, within Smarten City project 17 buildings renovated, PV panels installed.
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Below you can find the recording and presentations of the international part.