Guri Bugge
28.04.2021 07:14

Viken county council is aiming for a 80 % reduction of climate gas emissions, and climate neutrality within the next 10 years. That means we have to find a way to capture and store carbon equivalent of 872 000 tons CO2e. So far we've looked at industrial carbon capture, where the biogene part is estimated to 200 000 tons, biochar (~100 - 200 000 tons), grazing (~100 000 tons), and methane capture for biogas (~130 000 tons). We have a lot of forest, but are not certain how it would be best to consider carbon capture in those areas, since we haven't seen how LULUCF and other regulations should be utilized on local and regional level. Also, we will need a lot of biomass from the forest to reach the 80 % emission cut target, since this requires phasing out all fossil fuels and many fossil materials. Have any of you considered this issue? Do you have any tips or ideas?