Farhad Rad
21.04.2020 09:54
CO2 emissions
Energy Planning

The 356 Norwegian municipalities (Kommune) have the responsibility for preparation and implementation of energy and Climate plans (Planning and Building Act § 6-2, June 27, 2008). Making sustainable energy and Climate plans requires broad knowledge on the community’s environmental, economic and social aspects. Our experience shows that collecting data and creating indicators are rather challenging for many planners particularly in small municipalities. In response to this challenge, Viken County Council has recently made a Climate Dashboard for all Norwegian municipalities and Counties, which presents a set of useful information in one place. The Dashboard visualizes statistics and indicators that are collected from various sources. In addition to helping municipalities with data collection, the dashboard may inspire the planners through comparing the indicators and learning from best practices in other municipalities. The first version of the Climate Dashboard is made in Excel, which can be downloaded from here: (https://viken.no/tjenester/klima-miljo-og-natur/aktuelt-klima-miljo-og-natur/nytt-klimadashbord-for-viken.20875.aspx). The new version will be accessible for all in Power BI. In addition to Climate Dashboard, Viken County Council is working on an Energy Dashboard for Norwegian municipalities.

    Nathalie Garré

    Very interesting! Do you have the list of indicators available in English?

    Farhad Rad

    The three diagrams on the right-hand side of the dashboard show the indicator value for selected municipality in comparison with the average value for the same indicator in Norway.
    Here comes the translation:
    1- Klimagassutslipp per innbygger for Voss i 2017 (tonn CO2-ekvivalenter)
    GHG emissions per person for ‘name of municipality’ (ton CO2- equivalent)

    2-Klimagassutslipp per areal for Voss i 2018 (tonn CO2-ekvivalenter/km2)
    GHG emissions per area for ‘name of municipality’ (ton CO2- equivalent/km2)

    3-Antall fossilfri biler per 1000 innbyggere for Voss i 2018
    Number of fossil-free cars per 1000-persons for ‘name of municipality’