Martin Norderhaug
20.08.2018 11:51
Green Transport

What kind of transportation do you use daily? Train/Car/Bike/EVs? What would you like to use? What kind of transportation suits your municipality and daily routine the best? Why and what could be done to make more people use "Green Transport"?

    Inga Kreicmane

    I use car in winter, bike in summer. In 60 000 people municipality as Jelgava city the traffic is at resonable level, therefore it’s still possible and is convenient to use a car. In Riga for instance, especially centre, many people do not buy a car but use public transport.

    Signe Martinkrista

    I use car daily, although would like to use bicycle. I think, those who use cars daily, do it because it is more convenient, more faster and also cheaper specially if you have kids. Bicycle remains as holiday entertainment.

    Programmer SEM

    Es ikdienā izmantoju divriteni, lai dotos uz darbu.