‘Klimaatoverleg Midwest’ Finalizes the Climate Plan 2030

A few weeks before the corona virus interfered with life as we know it, the eight Belgian municipalities of ‘Klimaatoverleg Midwest’ finalized the sustainable energy- and climate action plan 2030, which has been submitted to Europe in connection to the Covenant of Mayors 2030. The cities of Ingelmunster, Lichtervelde, Meulebeke, Moorslede, Oostrozebeke, Ruiselede, Tielt and Wingene are taking the lead in achieving concrete climate ambitions.

The plan was developed by WVI as part of the European grant project ‘PentaHelix’, in which participation and co-ownership of climate actions are a priority. This made it possible to implement a participation trajectory (through climate panels and ownership sessions) in which governments, knowledge institutions, NGO’s, businesses and citizens contributed to the drawing up of the climate plan. In the implementation of concrete measures we will further build on this approach. By doing so, the project wants to achieve a supported action plan in which all stakeholders can name and take their responsibility.

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