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Nathalie Garré
12.06.2020 18:49
SECAP Development

In Klimaatoverleg Midwest (cooperation of 8 Belgian municipalities within the Covenant of Mayors) WVI rolled out the PentaHelix co-creation process to draft the climate action plan. The technical and concrete results were used in the plan itself, the general results were bundled in an inspiration guide. The input of the stakeholders (public authorities, industry/businesses, research/educational institutes, NGO’s and citizens) lead to defining 10 spearheads to achieve the climate objectives. Learn all about them in this guide (in Dutch), available in the section “PentaHelix materials for free use”!

Evelien Bolle
21.04.2020 15:28

In times of lockdown and social distancing, it can be challenging to develop a climate action plan (or any other plan or project) with co-creation. Dr. Anatol Itten from TU Delft is working on the Interreg 2 Seas project SHIFFT and gave the very inspiring presentation 'Co-creation in times of social distancing' during the last webinar of the project. A lot of possible tools are presented.