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Bert Serneels
19.06.2020 06:40
Climate goals
SECAP Development

I have several municipalities that are sort of regional economic hubs, where there is a lot of industry, intensive agriculture (greenhouses) and transport. For these municipalities, it is almost literally impossible to come up with a scenario to reduce emissions 40%. So there are 2 pathways in tackling this: 1. You make an enormous assumption of reduction for these sectors, on which you have very little influence as a local government/community. E.g. for industry, I would consider counting on a 43% reduction of emissions, because this is the EU-ETS goal (2030 vs 2005). 2. You leave these sectors out and make a SECAP with measures only for buildings, local transport, renewable energy, ... this is not the signal I want to give, but it does make it easier to come up with a 'realistic' scenario for CoM. Have other partners had the same issue and what was your approach?