PentaHelix Partner’s Slow Travel saves 600 kg Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Last month in Riga, Latvia, the PentaHelix consortium had its 4th project partner meeting with all 11 partner organisations from 5 participating countries in attendance. Bert Serneels, Project Manager at IGEMO who is responsible for 6 Belgian PentaHelix municipalities, attended the meeting, held on 11th and 12th December, having travelled for 5 days from Belgium.
Bert, a supporter of ‘slow travel’ and reducing your carbon footprint wherever possible, crossed the 2000km distance from Brussels to Riga using only public transport. Planning his journey via Google Maps with additional guidance from extensive rail travel blog ‘The Man in Seat 61’, Bert began his journey to Latvia four days earlier than many of the other PentaHelix partners.

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