Guri Bugge
28.09.2021 09:48

Do you have any experience integrating SECAPs with other municipal plans? We have seen a few examples lately in Norway, for instance the municipal plan in Indre Østfold has set ambitious climate targets, so has the regional plan strategy for Viken county. In Nesodden, they chose to integrate climate and environmental issues, and we have heard from the west coast that Ålesund and their neighbours are planning to integrate climate, spatial planning, and transport, into one plan. The Nesodden plan is currently published for public scrutiny - what do you think?

    Tomislav Novosel

    In Croatia, we are rolling out a method of integrating SECAPa into city and municipal spatial plans in order to give local governments more means of actually enforcing energy and climate plans. It has so far proven to be a successful approach if the city or municipality backs the proces.


    Leon and Palencia municipalities in Castilla y León, Spain are integrating their SECAP with Urban Mobility Plan following the SIMPLA project methodology