Tomislav Novosel
17.04.2020 12:28

The European Commission calls on EU citizens to express their views on the planned increase of EU emissions reduction targets by 2030 and to propose new measures and policies needed to reduce CO2 emissions by June 23, 2020. The European Commission's plan is to gather information, views, opinions and suggestions from a wide range of stakeholders. Therefore, citizens, civil societies, businesses, NGOs, academia, national, regional and local authorities are invited to participate in the consultation and provide inputs. All EU language versions will became available soon in the weeks after the launch of the consultation. The online consultation is open from March 31 to June 23, 2020 at midnight (Brussels time) and you can access it here:

    Guri Bugge

    I hope they get a lot of input, especially from actors who see the need for rapid reduction in emissions. Can we share this on the PentaHelix facebook page too?


    Very good opportunity to give European citizens the opportunity to contribute to sustainable targets for next period.

    Nathalie Garré

    I would certainly share this on our Facebook. The more publicity, the more result!