Replication – First Step

In addition to  the intense work on developing SECAPS or upgrading SEAPs to SECAPS according to PentaHelix approach and methodology,  which are planned to be finalized towards the end of 2019,  the PentaHelix  partners are  now working on the PentaHelix replication milestone   – as a first step partners have contacted the new potential replicator municipalities interested to develop a SECAP in their nearby future using PentaHelix approach and methodology. This has revealed quite a significant interest from the municipalities, especially in Norway,  Spain and Belgium. Great news! –  40 municipalities  have given positive feedback so far!


Moreover, we have something to boast of already today  – the PentaHelix  Ostfold partners have finalized their  first SECAP of Ostfold region, Norway!  Congratulations!

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